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Import Procedures Import Procedures

Procedures to import live animals and animal by-products differ. For live animals, one must first submit an application whether through a manual or an online process. Relevant supporting documents must follow and they would differ according to the animal. For example:

i) Dogs / Cats – Current vaccination record.
ii) Restricted breed of dogs – Special approval.
iii) Chicken/DOD/Duck/DOD - Customs form JK69 (for manual application)
iv) Cattle/Buffalo/Sheep/Goats – Approval from JPPH-MOA (applicable to local importers only).
v) Guidelines For The Management Of Importation Of Cattles Breeding For Government Supply.

(Click here for further information on importing live animals)

For animal by-products, a veterinary certificate must be produced in order to determine that the products being imported adhere to certain regulations as requested by the Malaysian authorities. Click here to view details on regulations for imports of animal by-products.

For further general information regarding importing animals and animal by-products, please visit The Department of Veterinary Services.

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