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Malaysian Quarantine Inspection Services was established under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia as a Department  to provide intergrated services relating  to  quarantine, inspection and enforcement at entry points, quarantine station, premises quarantine and certification for the import and export of plants, animals, carcasses, fish, agricultural  produce, soils and microorganism and include inspection  of and enforcement relating  to food and for  matters  related  to it.

The aim of MAQIS establishment:

  • to ensure that the Nation agriculture industry is free from pest, diseases, and contaminations towards plants, animals and fish by  quarantine activities, inspection  and a more effective enforcement;
  • to ensure that  plants, animals, carcasses, fish, agricultural products, soils, microorganisms and food that are imported to  and exported   from Malaysia  comlpy with   the  health aspects of human, animals, plants  and  fish and food safety   by   written  enforcement  laws that  are  related to entry points, quarantine stations  and quarantine premises.
  • to assist exporters in issues  pertaining   to market access and to comply with the  requirements of the importing country through integrated services;  and
  • to improve the delivery service to customers  by using more efficient and integrated sources
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