Physical Inspection of Import Consignment Physical Inspection of Import Consignment

Physical inspection is performed by MAQIS enforcement officers at the gateway, quarantine station or quarantine premises to ensure consignments imported comply to the requirements of the law as follows:

  1. Imports do not transport pests, diseases or contaminants
  2. Free of from pests, diseases or contaminants;
  3. Is not affected by any pest, diseases or contaminants;
  4. Graded, packaged and labelled;
  5. Type and quantity is similar to what has been declared;
  6. Undergone treatment or quarantine;
  7. Labelled with a halal logo; and
  8. Any and all conditions stipulated from time to time.

Physical inspections will be performed randomly or in totality (100%). Any consignments that do not comply to the stipulated regulations and conditions will be stopped and seized for a follow-up action.

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