Export Procedure Export Procedure

Relevant Regulations
Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulation 1998


Scope and Jurisdiction of FAMA

  • Issuance of Agricultural Produce Export Permit
  • Issuance of the Certificate of Origin
  • Issuance of Agricultural Produce Export Permit

Types of Commodities Requiring Permit

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits (Star fruit and Eksotika Papaya)
  • Onion/Garlic (Re-export)

Producing Office

  • FAMA Headquarters
  • State FAMA Offices / Federal Territory of Labuan FAMA Office

Export Permit Application Conditions and Methods



  • Possessing a Vegetable Licence issued by FAMA if exports involve vegetables from certain areas (Vegetable Marketing Regulations, 1975), which are for the Districts of Johor Bahru and Kota Tinggi, in Johor
  • Complete the Export Permit Application Form (Form PK2). This form may be purchased from the FAMA Headquarters or
  • State FAMA Office at RM30.00 per pad (50 sets).
  • Permit charge of RM5.00 per verified PK2 Form
  • The validity of the permit is 2 weeks


  • Possessing Fruits Export Licence (Star Fruit and Eksotika Papaya) issued by FAMA.
  • Possessing Grade Verification Certificate for fruits that require grading (Grading Regulations).
  • Complete the Export Permit Application Form (Form PK2).
  • The charges for PK2 Permit is RM5.00 per permit issued. The permit charges is exempted for fruits that require grading, subject to specific conditions
  • The permit validity is 1 week.

Onions/Garlic (Re-export)

  • The Re-export Permit is only issued for commodities imported within one month or less from the application date.
  • The approved export limit is up to 50% from the total import quantity.
  • Each Export Permit application (Form PK2) must not exceed 30 metric tonnes.
  • Submit the K1Customs Form (Import Declaration as prove of import).
  • For exporters who do not import themselves, they are required to submit the onion/garlic purchase invoice from the importer and a copy of Form K1.
  • Obtain the Certificate of Origin issued by FAMA (only exports of garlic to European Union countries or other countries that require it).
  • Complete Form PK2
  • Include the permit charge of RM10.00 for re-export of 5 metric tonnes or less. The permit charge for exports of more than 5 to 30 metric tonnes is RM30.00 per permit issued.
  • The permit validity period is 1 month.

For further information, please click on the link to the websites of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) and Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA)..

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